5 Reasons Against Subpar Volleyball Nets

Five Ways a Subpar Volleyball Net Can Ruin a Game

The right net means the best game.

Volleyball is great exercise and a lot of fun to play. But you need the best equipment in order to play the game. Here’s how a bad net can wreck your game.

It Sags

A sagging net leads to a worse game. The best volleyball games are ones with a consistent net height; it leads to better playing strategy and it means players don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking the ball into the net. Bad volleyball nets will not only sag, they won’t offer any options to tighten up the net easily. While any quality net will allow you to take tension off the equipment when it’s not in use, be wary of nets that may not be able to be tightened back up again.

It’s Not Regulation

Regulation heights and sizes aren’t put in place as modest suggestions: They’re put in place to ensure that the game is properly played, and the heights are precise down to the inch; any net that’s “infinitely” adjustable may have trouble staying at regulation height. A net that’s too high will make it more difficult to play the game, while one that’s too low will mean players will have a bit too easy of a time of it to make the game exciting to watch… or play in, for that matter. Check the height mentioned in the marketing materials or on the box of your net… and bring your own tape measure to ensure that the net really is the height that it claims to be.

It’s Unable To Handle Typical Use

Novice and casual volleyball players are often surprised when, right at the start of the game, someone knocks the ball into the net… and the net collapses onto the front line of the team! Subpar volleyball nets can be so shoddily engineered that a good whack from a ball, even into a brand-new net, will knock it right over, folding telescoping poles or even breaking the net! If the net can’t handle the abuse, it shouldn’t be on the field.

It Has Improper Or Missing Equipment

A properly built volleyball net won’t just be two poles and netting. It’ll come with proper methods of keeping the net up, and most modern nets have a more effective self-stabilizing system that the traditional method using guylines. Look for a net that has an advanced, carefully engineered system to keep the net standing, and make sure the ground stakes can take the pounding you’ll need to dish out to properly anchor the net.

A proper net means more fun for all.

It Uses Poor Materials

A high-quality volleyball net will incorporate high-quality materials, from strong, weather-resistant netting to strong and light metal used for the posts. Look for nets that can stand being put up for long periods of time, especially outdoors, and that can take what Mother Nature can dish out. This also ensures that you have less maintenance to deal with.

A volleyball net, built properly, will last for season after season, be simple to put up and maintain, and stay the right height no matter what abuse it takes. So keep that in mind: A quality net means a quality game.

Photo credits: @dino, Singapore 2010 Youth Olympics

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