With indoor volleyball nets, the game continues all year

In places like Superior, Wisconsin, the grip of winter can be firm and long. However, that doesn’t mean that the games of summer necessarily have to end. According to an article from Northland’s NewsCenter, the Mariner Mall in Superior now offers indoor sand volleyball nets at its facility, along with food and beverages. And with 600 teams who play summer volleyball in the region, there is no doubt that those nets will be used.

The owner of the facility got the idea from touring other facilities around the nation. What he realized though was that the other facilities failed to offer things for patrons and fans to eat and drink. The plan for use of the facilities is to offer leagues for players of all skill levels. As newcomers to the sport advance in their skills, they will move up through the leagues.

You don’t have to be in Wisconsin to know that it’s hard sometimes during the winter to continue developing your volleyball skills and taking advantage of the wonderful fitness opportunities that volleyball provides. It doesn’t have to be hard though. With a custom Cobra indoor volleyball net system, you can play your game year ’round, wherever you have the space to set it up.

Cobra indoor volleyball net systems come with all the components to set up outdoors as well.  They are simple to put up and, with no guy wires, are the safest volleyball net systems around. The systems can be customized to fit the space you have, whether at home, at a church facility or any other space. For more information on our volleyball systems and how they can keep you on your game, contact us.

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