Top Volleyball Brands

Top Volleyball Brands

Choosing the best volleyball ball brand is one of the most important decisions a player interested in playing volleyball can make. There are countless brands of volleyball nets and other volleyball equipment to choose from, but some are definitely known as being superior to others. The ball is what the player interacts with most, and if a ball is of low quality, it can ruin a game. If you’re interested in playing volleyball as a professional, or at least competitively, here are some of the best brands, as well as the reasons why you would choose these over other brands that make similar claims.


Wilson dominates the indoor volleyball ball market, and for good reason. Wilson volleyballs are the default choice for most volleyball courts because they are durable and have really great rebound. There are several models of the Wilson volleyball, such as the i-COR, that are particularly popular. In the case of the i-COR, the volleyball comes with a premium cover material that greatly enhances the touch and playability of the ball, so competitors will find it far better than a cheap volleyball for half the price. Wilson volleyballs are certainly the obvious choice for beginners looking for a good, durable volleyball that has even been featured in the movies. Cast Away, anyone?


Mikasa is a volleyball brand that has its foot in both outdoor and indoor sports. Mikasa is an attractive brand for players who have varying price ranges because it offers a wide range of volleyballs with different qualities and prices. For example, Mikasa offers 29 different balls just for indoor volleyball, without including their outdoor or beach volleyball balls. The Mikasa Beach Champ is a high-quality volleyball, but on the expensive side of the spectrum. If you want a great alternative to Wilson for indoor volleyballs, then Mikasa is certainly the brand for you.


It is undisputed that Spalding is the king of beach volleyball. Perhaps this is because the name of their beach volleyball ball is actually the Spalding King of the Beach volleyball, but that’s beside the point. Spalding specializes in creating the best beach volleyballs, as well as outdoor ones to use on your own backyard volleyball net. If you’re looking to complete your volleyball collection of indoor, outdoor, and beach volleyballs, then you’ll want to take a close look at Spalding.

Once you have your volleyball of choice, Cobra Sports has the volleyball system to get you started having fun and playing in the sun.

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