Top 5 Pool Games

Top 5 Pool Games

Spending time in a swimming pool can create some of the best memories for a child, and providing them with some safe and fun opportunities to make those memories with you can be fulfilling and enjoyable for you too. Summer is a time to have fun with your kids, but sometimes playing traditional sports like

badminton would just be too much hassle and way too hot in the summer sun. Instead, playing games in the pool will cool down your kids while making you a cool parent. Check out these 5 games that will make pool time even better and you even cooler.

Marco Polo

This game is a classic pool game that’s been loved for generations. In Marco Polo, one person closes their eyes and tries to tag someone else in the pool. With their eyes closed, the only way to find out where people are is to yell “Marco,” and hear the compulsory replies of the other swimmers who yell back, “Polo.” There are many variations on this game, stating things such as the main player starts outside of the pool, or players must be bobbing up and down underwater and above the surface.

Pool Volleyball

With the use of a portable volleyball net, you can have a whole lot of fun in a pool playing volleyball. The rules of the game are pretty similar to if you were playing regular volleyball on a regular volleyball court, but the main difference is that you’re now in the water, so jumping to spike the ball ends in an exciting crash and splash! A portable beach volleyball net and a good waterproof volleyball is all it takes to turn a pool full of water into a pool full of kids having a blast.

Pool Basketball

Pool basketball is just like it sounds – playing basketball, but in a pool. Just like repurposing a backyard volleyball net for pool volleyball, you simply need to set up a basketball hoop next to the pool, and suddenly everyone is playing a fun game of basketball in the pool! Pool balls and beach balls work great as they won’t sink in the pool and are easy to pass while wet.

Treasure Hunt

Dropping pool toys to the bottom of the pool is a very simple game that gets kids that like to dive very excited. Give every participant a pair of goggles if they’d like one, and drop bead necklaces, plastic rings, and other light, large objects that sink into the pool. Start the race, and see who can come back with the most.


Have you heard of the game of H-O-R-S-E where people copy the basketball shots of the first person? F-I-S-H is just like that, except in the water. Perhaps the first person can do a handstand underwater, and then each person after needs to prove they can or else gain a letter. If you want to make your summer time better, Cobra Sports has the volleyball equipment and sports equipment you need.

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