Summer fun starts in your backyard

There are many reasons why a backyard volleyball net would be an awesome choice for summer fun.

Volleyball is Easy to Set Up

Volleyball requires minimal equipment besides the net. You just need to get a volleyball. Any clothes and shoes that are suitable for exercise can also be used. There really are minimal headaches involved in setting up volleyball.

Play it Right in the Backyard

Tired of having to bring the kids to the pool? It can be so time consuming to pack up the car, take money out of your bank account for concessions, and to make sure the kids keep out of trouble.

Relax at your own home by playing volleyball instead. You do not have to worry about paying admission to the pool or a theme park. You also do not have to worry about travel times – start having fun right away!

Volleyball Nets are Versatile

The nets we offer are suitable for three games: volleyball, beach tennis and badminton. None of these require much specialized apparel. You likely already have all the clothes and accessories you need.

Volleyball is Easy to Learn

Volleyball is one of the easiest sports to learn, though it is hard to master. This will make it an activity that your children often play.

Volleyball Will Get the Kids Outside

It is well known how some children have shifted their favorite entertainment choices over the decades. Some children spend too much time sitting and watching television. Scientific studies have shown that too much sitting can be detrimental to health.

Please contact us if you wish to get your summer fun off on the right foot. We offer a lifetime warranty and have been in business since 1993. We’re not a one size fits all company. We can customize your volleyball net to fit your backyard, pool, sport court or any indoor or outdoor surface. We look forward to working with you.

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