It May Be Bleak Outdoors, But We’re Having Fun With Our Indoor Volleyball Net

With winter in full force, its easy to become complacent and ignore your usual exercise routine. However, staying active during these bitterly cold months is important for your mental and physical health. If lifting weights and running on a treadmill at your local gym is not your cup of tea, consider gathering your family andContinue Reading

A bit of sand, some volleyball nets, and a university’s 20th varsity sport

According to the Arizona Star, there’s a new look at the University of Arizona’s athletic facilities. Jimenez Field, which used to be a place for the Wildcats’ football team to practice, now looks a bit like a beach, thanks to 1,250 tons of sand. With the addition of four volleyball nets and four 53 foot byContinue Reading

With indoor volleyball nets, the game continues all year

In places like Superior, Wisconsin, the grip of winter can be firm and long. However, that doesn’t mean that the games of summer necessarily have to end. According to an article from Northland’s NewsCenter, the Mariner Mall in Superior now offers indoor sand volleyball nets at its facility, along with food and beverages. And withContinue Reading

Volleyball net, Volleyball and Regular Practice = Great Things

In middle school, Lily Townson’s friends were all interested in volleyball. So she became interested in the sport as well. According to a recent article in the Atmore Advance, the Florida teen played on the Northview High School team as a freshman, but didn’t start because she couldn’t serve. She fell in love with theContinue Reading

3 Volleyball Activities That Encourage Physical Fitness and Fun

In today’s technologically advanced world, video games and the internet can consume a large amount of your child’s time. Fortunately, buying a volleyball net for your son or daughter can supply them with an alternative source of entertainment, as well as providing your child with a way to increase their physical activity. The 3 volleyball gamesContinue Reading

Creating Memories With Volleyball Nets is Easier Than Ever

To say I was astounded is an understatement. My six-year old son asked me “what is volleyball?” I think my jaw literally dropped. All the hours of playing in our backyard during picnics and get-togethers flashed through my mind (along with the unfortunate incident of not getting on the high school team but let’s notContinue Reading

After the Holidays

After Christmas, the winter months tend to drag on in some parts of the country, but having some regular activity outside the house is a good way to keep upbeat and active. Many churches have large gyms or multi-purpose rooms that are perfect for a volleyball net, so why not set one up and start aContinue Reading

Get the Experience You Need

According to head coach Chris Poole of the Florida State Seminole’s women’s volleyball team, experience is something that you can only gain if you actually get experience. The coach recently celebrated his 700th career win, before a home crowd against Notre Dame. Poole, who is now in his 30th year of coaching at the collegiateContinue Reading

4 Volleyball Players Who Will Inspire Your Daughter

Young girls today are constantly bombarded with images of female celebrities and musicians who don’t always make the best role models. Fortunately, if your daughter has shown an interest in volleyball and you’ve taken it upon yourself to encourage her by buying an indoor volleyball net, you can go one step further by introducing herContinue Reading

A Great Way to Meet Winter Fitness Goals

It seems that winter has come early to many parts of the United States. Several winter storms have made their way across the country, treating us to cold temperatures, wind, and in some places, deep snow. Many people make a commitment to continue to be active throughout the winter, but it can be difficult forContinue Reading