Nearby Volleyball Programs for Kids

If you loved volleyball when you were a kid and enjoy sharing it with your family now, you might be looking for ways to get your child involved in the sport outside the home.  While your outdoor volleyball court is perfect for family get together,

volleyball for kids

Kids volleyball

it would be even better for a practice area for your future athlete!  Take a look at some of these nationally renowned volleyball programs in an area near you and start developing your child’s volleyball skills now.

YMCA Youth Volleyball

If your child is just starting out, check out your local YMCA for summer volleyball camps and teams.  In some cases, they’ll offer week long skill-building camps and in others they’ll host several weeks and teams for an entire season of competitive play.  In this case, your child will experience practice a couple of times a week and a low-key game every weekend.

YMCA volleyball programs are normally very affordable, but if the price is still too steep, ask about their financial assistance.  The YMCA is a nonprofit with money set aside to support low-income families who qualify for reduced fees.  Contact your local YMCA to find out when they’ve scheduled their next youth volleyball event.

Club Volleyball Leagues

For serious competitors, medium to large cities often have 1 or more club volleyball leagues.  Your child will have to try out in order to make an age-appropriate team.  These clubs tend to practice several days per week and travel out of town frequently for tournaments, which can get expensive.  If your child is truly passionate about the sport though, this is definitely their ticket in.

The clubs are often coached by high school volleyball coaches hoping to discover and groom talent for their future teams, so it’s a good place to start.  Check with area schools to determine the name of your local volleyball club and get in touch.

Volleyball Summer Camp

High school volleyball coaches almost always have summer volleyball camps that help players get a jumpstart on their season.  These camps can no longer be required, but if you’re student athlete expects to start, or even play in a game, any time soon, they’ll want to show up to volleyball camp.

The workouts tend to be frequent, up to 6 days per week for 1 or 2 weeks, and sometimes even twice per day!  These camps are great opportunities to bond with teammates, get to know a coaching style, perfect techniques, and of course, get in shape.  Check with your local high school to find out when their next volleyball camp is scheduled.

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