Indoor Volleyball Safety Tips

Indoor sports fitness is a fun and engaging way to keep your family active year round. Indoor volleyball is quickly gaining popularity as one of the top picks for indoor sports fitness. For families, games like volleyball can encourage good sportsmanship skills and practices for kids, lasting memories, and positive personal interaction. Staying safe during the game and teaching kids how to avoid injury is the key to keeping the game going all year long.

Top Indoor Volleyball Safety Tips

  • Never Pass Up a Warm Up: Warming up the muscles using dynamic stretching techniques to loosen muscles and tendons, increase flexibility of joints, and increase blood flow to major muscle groups. Make sure your stretching routine includes upper and lower body focused stretches. Volleyball is a great exercise because it enables the player to work the entire body.
  • Wear Proper Footwear: Wearing the proper shoes can reduce shock to the body reduce stress to ankles and knees. Make sure your footwear provides the player with good arch support to aid in shock absorption.
  • Protect the Knees: When taking a dive to save a play, players sometimes have to “dive the court.” When preforming this move the knees take the brunt of the action, providing your players with knee pads will significantly reduce injury.
  • Beware of Wires: When purchasing an indoor/outdoor volleyball net, consider Cobra Sports International nets. Their specially designed attachment system makes it easy to set up by one person.  The indoor system comes with all the components to set up outdoors as well – without dangerous guy wires.
  • Always Make the “Call”: “Calling” the ball will aid players in safely executing a play, calls can effectively help players avoid collision.
  • Bring an Emergency Kit: Always have a first aid kit handy that includes ice packs, heat packs, ace bandages, and splints. If a player does become injured, you will be able to stabilize the injury until help arrives.

For more information on the best indoor volleyball equipment, visit Cobra Sports International. Cobra only uses the highest quality, patented materials when constructing their indoor volleyball nets.

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