Volleyball Themed Birthday for Kids

If your son or daughter has a passion for volleyball, you may want to throw them a volleyball themed party for their next birthday. From whimsical invitations to imaginative games, creating a party around volleyball quite easy. To get your creative juices flowing we’ve provided a list of ideas that can turn your child’s next birthday into a volleyball lover’s dream party.


Start your party planning by making budget friendly volleyball invitations with card stock. Simply cut out a circle and draw in the lines, to make the card look like a volleyball. Instead of writing the party information on the back with a marker, spruce it up a little by using glitter glue. Whether its cutting out the circles or allowing them to fill in the back of the invitations, don’t forget to include your child in the process.


  • Once everybody has arrived at the party, have the kids sit down and create their very own volleyball practice t-shirts. Provide each child with a white shirt and a variety of fabric markers and encourage them to get creative with their designs.
  • Decorating cookies is always a fun activity. Before the party begins bake a few batches of sugar cookies. Try and make enough for each child to have two cookies to decorate. Put a festive table cloth down and provide white frosting and lots of sprinkles and sit back and watch as the kids make some scrumptious volleyball themed treats.


  • Volleyball Hot Potato. If you have a volleyball net set up in your backyard, play an entertaining game of volleyball hot potato. You’ll simply need a volleyball and some music. Split the kids into two teams, place each team on one side of the net and have them throw the ball back and forth as the music continues to play. When the music stops, the child that is holding the ball is out. The game ends when there is only one child left standing.
  • Volleyball Relay Race. Once again split the children into teams, you can make the teams as small or large as you like. Have each team stand in a straight line before the relay race starts and explain the different actions they will have to do, such as walking with the volleyball balanced on their head or bumping and setting the ball as they walk back and forth across the yard. You can have them perform a number of exciting volleyball tasks before the relay is finished.
  • Sitting Volleyball. This is a fun variation of a regular volleyball game. Instead of the children playing in a normal standing position, have them all sit down on your makeshift volleyball court and start the game. The children will have a blast scooting around on their bottoms while trying to hit the ball.

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