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Summer Sports for the 4th of July

Summer Sports for the 4th of July

Every Fourth of July, people are out and about, trying to find the best way to celebrate the United States’ independence. With so many options, what can you do to set your party apart and get people to choose yours over someone else’s? The answer is simple: make it fun.

The Fun

First, you need some activities for the guests to enjoy. Before it gets dark, you should set up your portable volleyball net or badminton net. There are few things as fun as a whole bunch of friends and family gathered around a volleyball net and setting and spiking the ball back and forth. A good game like that can go for hours! For the more competitive attendees of your backyard bash, set them up with a regimented badminton tournament with a winner’s bracket and loser’s bracket. Another popular option is hoisting your volleyball net over the pool for a refreshing way to mix up these popular outdoor sports favorites. Put on some catchy music and throw in tournament prizes for some extra fun, and your party will really take off.

The Food

It is a long-standing tradition that a Fourth of July party is a Fourth of July barbecue. Set up your grill so that the smoke blows away from the volleyball system, or set-up the backyard volleyball net away from the range to begin with. You’ll want to bring all of your favorite snacks, like chips and pretzels. Grill up some hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, or whatever else you like to cook outside. Call a break in the middle of the badminton tournament to fill up, or leave it free form for the casual volleyball players to build their energy back up. Either way, nothing beats a barbecue with good food and good friends.

The Fireworks

It wouldn’t be a Fourth of July party without some fireworks. Whether you see official fireworks shows in the distance or put on your own, it’s the grand finale to a day of volleyball and badminton fun. Be sure that any fireworks you bring are completely legal, and set them up a safe distance from people and important property, like your house or car. Follow all instructions very carefully, because you want people to remember your Fourth of July party for the fun and food, not for the trip to the emergency room. Once you’ve safely set everything up, sit back and enjoy the bright colors and flying sparks, and be proud to have thrown the best Fourth of July party any of your friends have ever attended on one of America’s greatest days.

Make your 4th of July memorable with great food, fireworks, and outdoor sports fun with a volleyball set.

Badminton Nets: Perfect for Father’s Day

Badminton Nets: Perfect for Father’s Day

Your father means a lot to you. He is one of the most influential people in your life, and you owe it to him to celebrate all that he’s done for you on Father’s Day. What can you do to make your father happy on his special day then? Consider giving dad a badminton netContinue Reading