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Basic Volleyball Moves

Here are some basic volleyball moves that you can practice to help you develop your game. Let’s jump right in.

Standing Float Serve: Stand with your non-hitting foot infront of the other foot. Hold the ball in front of you with your non-hitting hand. Take a step forward with your non-hitting foot, and at the same time toss the ball up about two feet in the air in front of you. Then take a step with your hitting foot, and hit the ball with the heel of your hand, without jumping.

Jump Float: Set with both hands on the ball. Take a step with your non-hitting foot. Then toss the ball up in the air in front of you about two feet in the air, take two more steps and leave the ground with your non-hitting foot (the second time volleyball movesyou land on it), and hit the ball at its highest point.

Underhand Serve: hold the ball with your non-hitting hand. Put your non-hitting foot in front of the other. Hit the ball with your hitting hand, dropping the ball slightly before contact is made.

Overhand Serve: Hold the ball with your non-hitting hand straight out in front of you. Toss the ball up about 2 feet in the air, and hit the ball just after it starts to come back down to the ground with the heel of your hitting hand to create a float serve. The basic overhand serve does not require you to jump. You can jump when you do some serves, but first get comfortable with the basic overhand serve. After you serve it is a good idea to use the momentum of your spike to run to your position on defense.

Standing Top Spin Serve: This is a good serve to master when you’re trying to learn the jump top spin. Stand feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the ball with your hitting hand, and toss it straight up without bending your elbow, wait for the ball to come back down to you, and without jumping hit the ball with your hitting hand.

Jump Top Spin: This is not a basic serve, but it has become a very highly-utilized serve in Men’s Volleyball. The way you do it is just like a Standing Top Spin, except you run and jump before you hit the ball. Stand with your hitting foot forward and hold the ball with your hitting hand. Toss the ball up in the air just like you do in a Standing Top Spin Serve, but more out in front of you, so that you can take two more quick steps, and then jump up and meet the ball in the air before hitting it with the heel of your hand.

These moves are some of the basics that beginners can use to help advance them into the next stage of playing. Please visit us to order your lifetime guaranteed volleyball nets today.

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