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Common Volleyball Injuries

Common Volleyball Injuries

Participants in sports that involve lots of moving and jumping, such as volleyball and badminton, are prone to a lot of injuries, especially for competitive and professional players who risk their bodies for their team members in order to win. Many professional volleyball players will dive directly into the hard ground on a volleyball court or into the burning sand in beach volleyball, and they’ll do so with little or no regard to their own safety. If you are interested in hearing about some of the different injuries that can occur during volleyball, read on.

Patellar and Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

There are two main types of tendinitis that volleyball players tend to get. The first is rotator cuff tendinitis, involving the muscles that help rotate the shoulders. These muscles are used primarily during serving and spiking the volleyball, but while they are completely torn in young players very rarely, they do often become irritated and fatigued from overuse. Luckily, rest and some physical therapy usually resolves the pain. The second type of tendinitis is patellar tendinitis, which is the inflammation of the fragile tendon connecting the tibia to the kneecap. This is not unique to volleyball players, and is actually quite common in athletes of lots of sports who repeatedly and forcefully jump.

Muscle Sprains and Ligament Tears

Besides tendinitis of the patellar, jumping causes lots of injuries to professional players playing on hard ground with volleyball systems and other equipment. One common injury of this type is a sprained ankle, which is usually considered to be a minor injury, though sometimes quite painful, and if it is ignored, can cause more serious injuries. Sprained ankles, and ankle injuries in general, are the most common volleyball injury, and a sprained ankle means eight weeks of no volleyball play. Another jumping injury, usually when a player lands awkwardly, is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. Recovery time for this injury is six to nine whole months!

Other Common Injuries

In theory, most any bone in the body could be broken during a dive in volleyball, and lower back pain is extremely common in people who play volleyball frequently. Perhaps the most common injury not already mentioned is any injury related to the fingers. Fingers are often vulnerable to injury during blocking, setting, and digging maneuvers during a volleyball game. Fractures and dislocations are unpleasant but usually mendable finger injuries.

If you’re playing volleyball casually on your Cobra Sport’s backyard volleyball net, you’ll probably be safe, but it’s still a good idea to be careful while playing.