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Volleyball Workouts that Work for Anyone

Volleyball Workouts that Work for Anyone

If you played volleyball in high school, college, or especially professionally, you know what it means to be in great shape.  A volleyball player must be agile, strong, and powerful all in one body.  When your coach put you through all those intense workouts, your body probably looked great.  Now that you’re not on a team anymore though, you may not have kept up on your fitness.  Luckily, you don’t need a coach to put together your own volleyball workout and you don’t have to be on a team to get fit.  Try some of these classic volleyball workouts at home on your own backyard volleyball court or even in your living room.

Sandy’s at the Volleyball Net

The great thing about volleyball is that it’s a multi-faceted sport that requires both muscle and motion.  Developed specifically to improve your use of both, Sandy’s are an intense workout that tones your entire body and qualify as serious cardio if you do them right.

To complete a Sandy, you should start at the volleyball net with feet shoulder width apart and hands in ready-to-block position at your ears, palms facing the net.  Jump as high as you can, using proper blocking form.  After landing, go to your back and perform a crunch or sit-up.  Then, roll over, and do a push-up.  That is 1 Sandy.  For each Sandy thereafter, you add an additional jump, sit-up, and push-up until you get to 10.  Then, you do one less jump, sit-up, and push-up each time until you get back down to 1.

This workout is seems simple but as each set gets longer, you’ll realize it’s much more of a workout than you thought.  If you can’t finish an entire set of Sandy’s, try getting to 7.  Then, in a couple weeks, go for 10.  Eventually, your muscles and lungs will be able to get all the way to 10 and back.  Sandy’s are a workout in themselves, so you really should need any more arm, core, or leg training on any day you’ve completed an entire set.

Fingertip Push-Ups between Sets

If you were the setter on your volleyball team, your coach may have had you doing fingertips pushups while everyone else got away with the traditional form.  Whether you were a setter or not though, this is a great way to make an old move work new muscles.  Doing fingertips push-ups will help sculpt your forearms, triceps, shoulders, and back just like they were in your more athletic days.  Try mixing them in with your usual push-ups to keep your workout interesting.

Bleachers off the Bench

Unless you were a professional volleyball player, you probably don’t have bleachers in your backyard.  If you’ve taken the time to set up a volleyball net for your family though, you might have a bench, patio steps, or even a decorative log you can use for this workout.  Instead of running up and down bleachers, just mimic the high knees and the push off with just one step.  In other words, find a platform of some kind that is about the height of a couple of steps or a bench.  Then, jump up onto it with one leg and then push off with your other leg.  The idea is to use high knees, keep your weight balanced over your hips and over the step after jumping, and keep your feet moving quickly.  Start out with 3 sets, doing each for 30 seconds at a time.  You can work your way up from there.

These aren’t the only volleyball workouts you can do at home.  Think back to the drills your coach put you through and come up with a creative way to adapt it for your current situation.  You’ll be getting back in shape and bringing up some great volleyball memories at the same time.  If you need some volleyball equipment to get you started, check out our affordable products.