Birthday Volleyball Net Surprise Your Child Won’t Forget

Finding the perfect birthday gift for your son or daughter has its challenges. While cell phones, video games, and tablets are often requested, you may want to use your child’s birthday as an opportunity to introduce them to something new. Encouraging your child to to explore a brand new activity can start the minute they unwrap their volleyball net.

Once the net is set up in your backyard, the only expressions you’ll witness are ones of laughter and excitement. Getting your son or daughter involved in volleyball, whether it’s on a recreational level or a competitive level has multiple benefits. Not only are you supplying them with a fun activity, but your also inadvertently teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle. Listed below are just a few of the crucial lessons your child can learn from a simple game of backyard volleyball.

  • Physical fitness. According to the Surgeon General, children need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. Unfortunately, many kids don’t partake in this recommended amount of activity. Providing your son or daughter with a personal volleyball net can inspire them to put down their video game controller and play a match or two of volleyball with their family or friends. It’s important to remember, children often take their cues from their parents, so showing is always better than telling. If your kid isn’t jumping at the chance to get outside and use their new net, invite them to play a weekly volleyball game with you.
  • Sportsmanship. Learning to win and lose in a graceful manner is a vital life lesson. Playing volleyball in your backyard allows your child to face both occasions in a safe and friendly environment. While they may not always express themselves in an appropriate manner, you can use your noncompetitive volleyball matches as a time to explain the importance of being a gracious winner and loser.
  • Making New Friends. Once your child feels comfortable playing volleyball, you can encourage them to venture out and join a recreational team. The experience will give them a chance to meet new people and make new friends, which will help them strengthen their social skills.

If you would like to buy a volleyball net for your child’s birthday, please contact us and we can help you pick out the perfect net for your son or daughter.


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