Warm Up is Key To Fitness

Warming up before any major activity is crucial to your overall sports fitness well being. When you begin to push your physical limits, multiple changes take place in your body. Neglecting to regulate your increasing respiratory rate, blood flow, and oxygen levels can lead to a poorly played game or possibly a serious injury. Allowing your body the time to slowly warm up, properly prepares you for the physical stress that is about to take place.

Warming up before a sport, such as volleyball, should start by simply accelerating your heartbeat. An easy but effective way to get your heart pumping is jogging. You should start at a leisurely pace and gradually gain speed until your heart rate is slightly heightened. Depending on your physical fitness level, this type of warm up should last 3 to 5 minutes; otherwise you could end up tiring yourself out before your game has even begun.

Once your blood is flowing, you will want to move onto the stretching portion of your warm up routine. Stretching is just as critical as the cardiovascular section. Boosting your flexibility before engaging in your chosen sport can save you from pulling or tearing your muscles. The stretches you do will depend on the type of activity you are participating in. If you’re getting ready for a volleyball match, your best course of action is mimicking the movements performed in the game. You should not use a ball while doing this and your motions need to be done in a much gentler manner.

While warming up is mainly about preparing your body for a rigorous workout, it also has a positive effect on your mental state. A well rounded routine will raise your awareness and invigorate your energy level. An alert mind is key to fast reaction times on the court and adequately planned game strategies that lead to wins.

Properly warming up before engaging in any major physical activity not only prepares your body for the vigorous workout, but it also helps prevent major injuries from occurring. If you’re looking to elevate your volleyball skills, or you’re interested in finding a fun way to up your personal fitness, please contact us to view our volleyball and badminton nets.


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