A bit of sand, some volleyball nets, and a university’s 20th varsity sport

According to the Arizona Star, there’s a new look at the University of Arizona’s athletic facilities. Jimenez Field, which used to be a place for the Wildcats’ football team to practice, now looks a bit like a beach, thanks to 1,250 tons of sand. With the addition of four volleyball nets and four 53 foot by 26 foot courts, the field is now the home to UA’s twentieth varsity sport: sand volleyball. There is enough space, the article stated, for a fifth “championship” court to be added later.

The school has built a roster of 13 players for its sand volleyball team, which is scheduled to play its very first scrimmage in March. Eight of the players come from the Wildcat indoor volleyball team. And the new team held its first ever practice recently — just one year after the decision was made to add sand volleyball to the university’s list of varsity sports.

For its inaugural season, there won’t be admission for fans to come watch. In addition, fans are encouraged to bring towels and to enjoy the beach-like atmosphere of the sand volleyball facility, which will also feature music, concessions, and a team store.

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