3 Volleyball Games To Improve Technique

volleyball games

volleyball games

With summer nearing its end already and the back to school season close by, many high school athletes are getting into shape.  If you want to improve your volleyball skills and get in shape for the coming season, call a few team members over to your backyard volleyball court and give these 3 games a try.

Aces Up – Targeted Serving Technique Game

Ace Up has been known by many names, and it’s the perfect way to improve the accuracy of your volleyball serve.

  • Form team of at least 2, and begin serving from opposite ends of the volleyball court.  If you need to warm up first, this is a fun game to try by starting at the setting line and stepping back each serve.
  • If your serve makes it over and in bounds, you’re safe.  You can then await an opponent’s serve so you can shag their ball for your next serve.
  • If your serve does not make it over though or goes out of bounds, you must lie belly down within the boundaries of your opponent’s court.
  • In this position, you become a target for your teammates.  In order to rescue you, they must hit a part of your body with their serve.  Sorry, bounces don’t count!
  • The object of the game is to have at least one player alive when your opponent has none.  This means, you’ll want to serve quickly to get your teammates back on your side.
  • If there is a ball available, you must be serving – no game delays.
  • We recommend wearing safety gear to prevent injury, but otherwise, have fun “acing” your friends!

The Pit – Challenging Defensive Game for Improving Digging Technique

After working on your offense with Aces Up, considering taking on the challenge of The Pit.  This game is perfect for those who want to improve their digging technique and work on their agility.

  • The Hitter stands in the setter’s position (top right spot at your indoor or outdoor volleyball net).  They will need 2 or 3 volleyballs and at least 1 shagger.
  • The Digger lays on their belly with hands flat on the ground at their shoulders (in ready for push-up position) in the left of middle spot in the back row on the same side of the volleyball court.  This is called The Pit.
  • When the Digger is ready, the Hitter tosses up the first ball, which triggers the Digger to pop to defensive position, and then the Hitter hits the ball towards the Digger.  This all happens very fast!
  • The Digger must return the ball to the Hitter with a “Perfect Pass”, essentially, a settable pass.
  • The Hitter then returns that pass with another hit at the Digger.
  • If the Digger misses a dig or makes a bad pass, they must return to belly position before popping back up to defensive position to receive the next pass.  This gets tiring!
  • The idea is to return a set number of Perfect Passes in a row before trading places.  Start with 3 and work up from there or simply see who can get the most in a row.   It’s harder than you think!

Domination – High Speed Game Scenario

If you prefer to put it all together to practice your techniques, then you’ll probably enjoy Domination.  This game moves quickly and demands your attention.  You’ll need at least 3 teams of 2 to make it work.

  • Team 1 starts out on the Winner’s Court Side
  • Team 2 starts out on the Challenger’s Court Side
  • Team 3 starts out of bounds near the bench on the Challenger’s Side.
  • Team 3 serves to Team 1 from out of bounds to begin the volley.
  • Team 1 and 2 battle until they win the volley (both sides are considered the serving/point receiving team).
  • If Team 1 wins, they remain on the Winner’s Court.
  • If Team 2 wins, they replace Team 1 on the Winner’s Court, Team 3 takes the Challenger’s Court, and Team 1 moves out of bounds to the bench and serves to Team 2 – the new Winning team.
  • You can play for as many volleys as you like since there’s no clear ending in this game – unless you were to add a final sudden death round…
  • If you are the losing team heading to the bench, move quickly.  You can catch Team 1 off guard by getting the serve over before they’re set to get your team back on the court sooner.  Ultimately, this is what sets the pace of the game.

There are lots of great volleyball games and workouts you can do at home, at school, or at the gym.  When you mix s little fun into your drills, it will hardly feel like a workout and you’ll be in volleyball shape in no time!


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